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    We scour the insurance industry for the highest quality middle market companies.

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    We invest selectively in companies and partnerships, both large and small, and commit to their long-term success.

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    We partner with management teams to amplify elements that have driven their company’s success thus far.

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    We leverage our team and network to activate new growth and distribution opportunities.

Experienced team

Our multi-disciplinary team comes from the country’s top insurers. We believe in people and partnerships and rally around a common goal to be true partners to our companies.

60 million

Americans Over 65 by 2030

Vast network

We provide our companies with access to a large network of thought leaders, innovators, operators, and lenders. We strive to bring the best of our experience and connections to every company.

19 yrs

Current life expectancy for a 65-year-old

Operations support

We bolster existing operations to expand product breadth and enhance customer support in ways that lead to greater satisfaction and retention.

Extensive distribution

Our experience and deep industry relationships allow us to quickly and strategically expand product offerings and distribution.

Tactical asset management

We have developed a differentiated approach to asset management that’s geared towards enhancing underwriter, distributor and customer outcomes.

Capital solutions

We leverage our scale and experience to implement flexible and lower cost capital strategies that drive innovative product solutions.


Baby Boomers that haven't saved for retirement